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KEP is here to serve its clients! This is best description of us if you turn the head back and look at the exceptional products KEP has created in order to assist their clients' way to success easier.

The management team and the staff want to make sure that every client receives the best of KEP's products and services. We are fully dedicated in providing our clients with all the assistance they need to use our products and services efficiently and with ease.

Whether you have any questions about KEP's overall products and services, or specifically about the loan you have decided for, we are here to assist you.

KEP's loan officers take the time to understand your business and your goals, and customize solutions according to your needs. Then our lending team will conduct a professional evaluation of your financial situation and guide you through the loan that fits best for you.

These are not just procedures. These are the steps we take to prove that we care about our clients and their success.

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  • Number of Active Clients 19,282
  • Potofolio Outstanding 41,916,765.99
  • Clients Served 87,568
  • Loans Disbursed 183,867
  • Cumulative Disbursements 434,628,166.01