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Home Improvement Loan

There is a saying “There is no better place than your own house”. However, sometimes we get tired of its image and want to change something in our houses, be it its design, furniture, or other things that would make us feel better.

Based on these needs and desires, KEP has come up with a solution that is called Housing Loan, and it serves for house renovation, reconstruction, or other improvements in the house or apartment.

Conditions and requirements

  • Amount - from 3,001 - 25,000 EUR
  • Max loan terms up to 60 months
  • For amounts up to 5,000 EUR no collateral or guarantor needed
  • Regular income
  • No Administrative Expenses

Please call us or visit our branches during business hours and speak to a Staff Member who will be pleased to review your request in person or right over the phone.

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