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KEP TRUST formerly known as the KOSOVO ENTERPRISE PROGRAM (KEP) is one of the largest MFI's in the country and aims to offer financial services both to micro and small entrepreneurs and to the marginalized and underprivileged groups of the community.

KEP started as an economic program of the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) in September 1999, to serve the credit needs of refugees, returnees, the internally displaced and migrant people in Kosovo immediately after the war. Since then, KEP has targeted the economically active poor and low-income groups who have the capacity for self-employment and who will potentially make the most use of the loans it offers.

Special focus will be given to the needs of micro enterprises making the transitions to small enterprises and then up the latter making the transition to medium enterprises.

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  • Number of Active Clients 18,875
  • Potofolio Outstanding 41,026,427.18
  • Clients Served 86,358
  • Loans Disbursed 180,319
  • Cumulative Disbursements 425,664,802.66