KEP creates the Agro Portal in support of Kosovo farmers’ community

In line with the mission to improve the standard of living and support the country’s economic development, KEP has sponsored the creation of a special portal that will be in the service of Kosovo farmers.

AgroPortal is a very important space in which valuable information have already been introduced, which will make it easier for all those who have an interest in the agricultural sector, whether they are active farmers or other citizens.

The portal contains videos with practical field guidance, written guidelines and various publications for the sector in question. In addition, there will also be information about grants offered by different institutions in Kosovo, quality standards, information on employment opportunities, environmental information as well as other data needed for farmers.

Another element that makes the portal even more valuable is “Agro Data”, a special window that provides data collected from relevant public institutions. These data further elaborated provide an overview of the production and marketing of various agricultural products at the country level.

KEP as a sponsor of this portal and Recura Financials as project implementer will ensure that the data in AgroPortal are constantly in a timely manner so that they are in service to the best of all those who use it.

On the other hand, KEP will be committed to help farmers’ community with other projects that impact on achieving goals and facilitate their path to success.

All the interested can access AgroPortal through the ongoing link