About us

KEP Trust was founded in 1999 by “ICMC – International Catholic Migration Commission”, Geneva and “Klubi i Afaristëve të Prizrenit”. Currently, it is the leading institution in the microfinance sector in Kosovo, providing customers a wide range of products and financial services.

Fulfilling the client’s financial goals and building ongoing relationships with them is at the heart of KEP Trust’s aspirations. In this way KEP contributes directly to job creation, giving a great boost to the development of the overall economy of the country.

In addition to the main center in Pristina, KEP Trust has established a network of 31 modern branches across the country, bringing its services closer to the citizens of Kosovo.

KEP Trust’s mission is to improve the standard of living and support the country’s economic development by providing financial services to individuals and businesses.

KEP is registered with the Banking and Payments Authority of Kosovo (now the Central Bank of Kosovo) since 2000, and has since functioned as a local microfinance institution.

Organizational structure

Organizational structure

Social Mission

KEP is an innovative financial institution, created with a clear social mission to improve the living standard of citizens and to support the country’s economic development by providing financial and non-financial services to individuals and businesses.

One of KEP’s main social objectives is to reduce poverty among communities. We believe this is achieved through the support of those who have no access or have limited access to financial resources.

Moreover, KEP organizes and supports various events and initiatives at local and regional level, which enable the promotion of various cultural, social and sporting values.


Currently, we do not have an invitation to bid.

Board of Directors

Korab Sejdiu


Elza Herman


Barbara Wasmus


Birgit Rauleder


Arbër Hoti


Management Team

Shpend Nura

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Alo

Chief Financial Officer - Member of the Management Board

Hashim Sejdiu

Chief Commercial Officer - Member of the Management Board

Zana Bokshi – Kazazi

Chief HR Officer - Member of the Management Board

Employment opportunity

Aktualisht nuk kemi pozita të hapura punësimi


Customer Care

KEP is here to serve customers! This is best described by looking at the extraordinary products created to ease the client’s way to success.

The management team and the staff are aiming for each customer to make the best use of KEP’s products and services. Therefore, we are fully committed to providing the necessary assistance so that our customers can make the right choice.


Agro Window provides guarantees for financial institutions to cover the risk for loans in the agricultural sector. The eligible clients that can be guaranteed are MSMEs that are registered within the Kosovo Business Registration Agency (ARBK) or farmers who possess a Farmer Registration Certificate with a Farm Identification Number (NIF).

For more detailed information about the Agro Window specifics, please click on the following link



KEP pays special attention to analysis of loan cases, so that the effects of investments of such loans to be in harmony with the environment where we live and operate.

In addition, since the beginning of its operation, KEP has undertaken concrete steps to support various initiatives that have helped improve the lives of certain groups and citizens of Kosovo in general.

Sport at national level is one of the areas where KEP supports various initiatives. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the continuous support to the Handball Federation of Kosovo in organizing and arranging matches of the Handball national team, both in Kosovo and abroad.

On the other side, financial support to groups and persons in need is another point where through certain initiatives and requests, KEP allocates financial means which help alleviate the difficult situation of these groups.

Besides sports and assistance provided to different organizations or persons in need, our institution also supports cultural initiatives throughout Kosovo.